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Managed Services & Landing Zones

TrustNest aims to provide a multiple services to run workloads up to production
while minimizing operational costs and complying with enterprise security constraints.

TrustNest Marketplace

Discover the solution of our customers

They trust us to run their workloads. Several Thales entities have build and now run their solutions over TrustNest. Once deployed, and only on demand, the solution can be exposed to users by the TrustNest marketplace. Discover the TrustNest Marketplace

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Deploy your own infrastructure

Your solution has specific constraints and requires a lot of customization in your infrastructure? TrustNest provides Infrastructure landing zones to benefit from the best cloud infrastructure flexibility. Create your own network topology and virtual machines to support your system.

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Develop on managed services

In most cases, the setup of cloud environment takes time: few weeks to create and tune the infrastructure; and additional weeks to integrate common engineering tools such as log collection, monitoring, certificate generation. To start developing from day 1, TrustNest provides managed services ready to be used.

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Improve your security

Implement zero trust pattern using the TrustNest enablers. Network backbone offers an advanced internet protection using threat intelligence and IDPS as well as on-prem interconnection. Identity & Access management capability provides a series of identity objects from user to technical accounts to help you to implement Continuous Integration and Deployment.

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Our Testimonials

They trust us

All the cloud managed services are here to accelerate Thales Engineering. Discover what our users say about the platform.


Subscribe to an environment !

Start using one of MCS service by subscribing to a managed kubernetes, an APIM subscription key or a landing zone…